IWB (Inside the Waistband) Holster

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Our inside the waistband holsters are the most popular concealed carry holsters. They are designed to offer positive and adjustable retention and a fully enclosed trigger guard for safety. They have a minimal design. Add a concealment wing to apply pressure to the underside of the gun and tuck the butt of your pistol closer to your body, improving concealment. The sight channel and holster design also accommodate threaded barrels, suppressor height sights, and micro red dot sights. We strive to make this the last holster you will ever need by offering all of these features:

  • Fully enclosed and undercut trigger guard
  • Customizable retention
  • Wing for better concealment 
  • Handmade in the USA
  • Backed by our satisfaction guarantee

8 reviews for IWB (Inside the Waistband) Holster

  1. Colby J. (verified owner)

    I got a concealed holster for my sig p365. Good craftsmanship, very durable, looks great, super comfortable to carry.

  2. Brandon M. (verified owner)

    I received my holster for the Sig p365 very fast and when I was told to expect it. looking at the holster I can tell it was not a quick one size fits all job. They took time to do it right and the lines a very clean, no rough edges and very smooth to the touch. There is also no extra material to get in the way, they really maximized the material for the holster to focus on functionality and dependability, after all this is my EDC holster when im off duty and need to trust it every time.

  3. Landon M. (verified owner)

    Just got my holster tonight and dang this thing is comfortable. It feels secure and is infinitely better than the previous holster I had. You should never skimp on a quality holster, and Teton Custom Holsters will get you a top notch holster without dropping a ton of money. I highly recommend the products these guys put out.

  4. Mason P. (verified owner)

    This is probably one of the best holsters I’ve had. I carry a full size 1911 with a full rail. It’s a heavy gun yet this holster makes it comfortable and easy to pack. Teton custom does an amazing a job and I highly recommend him!

  5. David L. (verified owner)

    Bryce was very responsive and made a great custom holster for my FN 509 9 mm. It works great and I would highly recommend him to anyone looking for a quality conceal carry holster.

  6. Shawn Astin

    I met these guys at a gun show and they were able to do me a custom job to fit my S & W 9mm with a laser sight . Perfect match and fits like a glove love the fact it covers the trigger and will last a lifetime. Highly recommend these holsters you wont be disappointed, also check out their magazine carriers they have.

  7. Stewart Kinner

    From the first time I contacted Bryce, I knew this was going to be a very different experience than I have had in the past. I had gone in to Madison Armory to look at their stock and saw Teton Custom Holsters on display and asked the owner about them and if he had an IWB for my weapon. Unfortunately they did not but handed me a business card that had Teton’s contact information on it and suggested that I give them a call to see what might be arranged.

    Bryce called me back that evening and after I described what I needed he said it should be no problem to take care of making what I needed. We made plans to have me deliver my weapon to him for fitting and molding. He indicated that it might take several weeks to deliver as he was pretty backed up. This was no real issue for me and agreed that when he was ready for me that he would call.

    About a week later I received a text asking me to confirm my color choices and style. He had a small window that he could fit me in if I was able to deliver my weapon as discussed. I dropped things off that evening and 2 days later I had my new holster.

    I have had many holsters for concealed carry in my profession but this tops them all! Its very very comfortable to wear all day, adjustable for retention and the addition of the “Wing” really works like a charm! I highly recommend Teton Custom Holsters whether its IWB or OWB, these are just amazing!
    Thank you Bryce!

  8. David Kuge

    I am a retired law enforcement Chief and former Range Master for my department with over 37 years of experience. I’ve tried many holsters during my career and civilian life and I have to admit this was one of the most comfortable, durable and well fitted holsters I’ve ever tired. The holster I have is an IWB holster for my HK VP9. Instead of the belt clip, I had them place dot snaps on it. I wanted to wait awhile before I submitted a review because I wanted to see how the holster felt and how well it stood up to being worn everyday. The high back keeps the firearm from digging into my skin and the wing worked very well keeping my firearm less noticeable. I prefer the dot snaps because I’ve used holster with belt clips and they sometimes work their way off the belt. I’ve had this holster over a year and it still looks like new. This holster is one of the best made and fitted holster for my firearm. Even with no active retention, it holds my gun (fully loaded), securely. I’ve turned it upside down and it stays securely in place. I would not recommend anyone doing this, but other made to fit holsters did not do this. I continue to teach classes and I do recommend Teton Custom Holsters to my students. Thank you and keep up the good work.

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