We are shooters, competitors, enthusiasts, and gun lovers-just like you. We believe in exercising and defending our 2nd Amendment rights. We have designed our holsters to be safe, durable, and comfortable by testing different materials, styles, and processes. We are proud to offer holsters that are handmade in the USA.

We are big into personalizing our own equipment, and our holsters offer that same option to customize over 50 styles with different colored hardware. Each holster is made to order to be exactly what you want that fits your personality and style.

Shop our holsters to find the right style and colors for you so you can safely carry your gun. We have a variety of options to choose from with our holsters.

Bryce Johnson, Founder and CEO

I started making holsters in 2016 after finding the first two holsters I bought to be uncomfortable and unsafe. I’m pretty handy and decided to make my own. As time went on, holster making became a hobby as family and friends saw my work and wanted me to make them holsters. 

Dozens of holsters and almost 4 years later, I started Teton Custom Holsters with the goal of making the last holster anyone will ever need to buy. Many gun owners start a collection of holsters as they try different options that continue to fail to meet their needs. I want to change that.

Besides running Teton Custom Holsters, I enjoy spending time with my wife and son. We like to go to our local farmer’s market and spend time together in the outdoors. I also enjoy shooting, hunting, and fishing.

Jared Chalmers, COO

I have carried a gun almost every day of my adult life and shoot in competitions. This has taught me a few lessons on why quality gear is so important.  

* If you have a holster that is not safe you may cause trouble rather than prevent it. 

* If you have a holster that is uncomfortable you may leave it at home when you need it the most. 

* If you have gear that falls short on retention it will cost you time in a competition, money to replace lost magazines, or your life. Buy quality gear that is meant to last.

My goal is to help every patriotic American have the gear they need to protect their loved ones, their community, their property, and their beliefs.  Because of this goal I joined Teton Custom Holsters to make this dream a reality.